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1 an ostentatious display (of effort or extravagance etc.)
2 any act of immoderate indulgence; "an orgy of shopping"; "an emotional binge"; "a splurge of spending" [syn: orgy, binge]


1 indulge oneself; "I splurged on a new TV" [syn: fling]
2 be showy or ostentatious

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  1. To spend lavishly or extravagantly, especially money.
    They decided to splurge on the biggest banana split for dessert.
    The tomato sauce was splurged all over the chips. (British English)


To spend lavishly or extravagantly


An extravagant indulgence

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access, binge, blazon, bravura, brilliancy, budget, burst, cost, cost out, cut a dash, cut a figure, cut a swath, daring, dash, dazzle, demonstration, disburse, display, douse, dramatics, eclat, etalage, exhibition, exhibitionism, expend, extravagance, false front, fanfaronade, figure, flair, flaunt, flaunting, fling, flourish, fork out, glare, glitter, go through, histrionics, incur costs, indulgence, invest, lay out, make a figure, make a show, make a splash, manifestation, open the purse, orgy, ostentatiousness, outburst, outlay, pageant, pageantry, parade, pay, pay out, plash, put out, rampage, run through, schedule, sham, shell out, shine, show, showing-off, sink money in, slop, slosh, spatter, spectacle, spend, splash, splatter, splosh, spree, spurtle, squander, staginess, swash, theatrics, throw money around, vaunt
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